Last updated:
8th Feb 2004

(c) Michael Bevin

La is a lossless audio compressor featuring the highest available compression of any such program. See my site on
US Foreign Policy.

Latest Stable Release

The latest stable version is 0.4b for Windows and 0.4 for Linux:

La04b.exe (windows version, 583 kb)

la04.tar.bz2 (linux x86 version - 1189 kb)

Extra Utilities

The Microsoft .Net framework redistributable (approx. 20mb) is required to use the new Windows Frontend (unless you are running Windows XP with SP1 or newer, with which the .Net framework is included).

The original frontend is also still available -

If you want to use the Winamp plugin with Winamp 3.x, this may help - wa2input.exe.

Older Versions

The following obselete versions are also still availabe -