Last updated:
8th Feb 2004

(c) Michael Bevin

La is a lossless audio compressor featuring the highest available compression of any such program. See my site on
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La is a Lossless Audio compression program. That is, in contrast to formats such as mp3, it reduces the size of music without affecting the quality, as the uncompressed signal is exactly identical to the original. However, the compression ratio is thus far lower than that for .mp3 files - you can expect around 50%, worse for heavier music and better for classical etc.


  • Windows frontend (which also supports many other codecs).
  • Best compression currently available (see comparison).
  • Versions for both Windows and Linux OSes.
  • Winamp, foobar2000 and Xmms plugins for playback.

 Latest News

8th Feb '04 - Version 0.4b Released

Aside from some very small bug fixes, the main point of this release is that the core codec is now contained in a .dll, which can be used using the included API. The source code to the plugins and command-line program is also included to serve as examples for using the codec, and also in the hope that some help can be obtained in maintaining the plugins and in creating new ones.

Note that as the .dll is something Windows-specific this is just a Windows update. As with all minor version changes, this version is forwards and backwards compatible with all 0.4x versions.